To Know an Indigenous Guy’s Good Look without Seeing Him in Person…… How?

Most Amis guys are strong, tall, and cute……, no wonder they are among the hottest indigenous males for many girls!

However, do you know there is a way to tell whether an Amis guy is handsome or not without seeing him with your own eyes?

You will know the answer after reading the story below:


The ancient Amis was in a matriarchal society where women would chase men — That’s such a pleasure for men!

According to the elders from the Amis community Kiwit, Mayaw and Osen, a boy could “be chased” and be permitted to fall in love in their 18 – 19 when the matriarchal society was still in practice.

And then, how would the Amis girls chase boys?

“I know! Put a betel nut into the boy’s alofo’ (lover’s bag) while dancing.”

True, but those handsome Amis guys would tell you that putting betel nut in alofo was really nothing to them!

A good way to chase a boy was to wake up and got dressed well before the sun showed up, and rushed to the boy’s door front. As soon as the boy’s mother opened the door, the girl would rush into the house and prepared breakfast for the family, did the laundries, and did the chores…… This was all to please her future mother-in-law!

Therefore, the elders would say that if an Amis boy was tall, rich (the ability to catch fish and chop wood) and handsome, people could always tell by the neat and tidiness in his house instead of seeing his appearance in person. That’s because he was so handsome that a lot of girls would chase him and tidy up his house and bought him new clothes.


Well…… my house is kind of clean……

But I tidy up all by myself…… (sigh)


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