Taiwanese Students are occupying the Legislation Yuan in protest of unpopular president Ma Ying-Jeou’s decision to rush through legislature that gives China greater access to Taiwan’s assets without the necessary deliberation. Some protestors fear this could lead to a slow annexation of Taiwan into a so-called ‘special region’ of China such as Hong Kong.

Many young people have flooded from cities around Taiwan to join the student occupation of the parliament in Taipei; those that can’t make it up the capital are standing up and being counted; holding peaceful but forceful protests, like this one here in Kaohsiung.

The feeling amongst these peaceful and thoughtful youths brandishing handcrafted placards and banners voicing slogans of their discontent is that if they allow this undemocratic act of the government to take place their freedom will slowly be taken away piece by piece until it is all gone.

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0005-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0008-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0010-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0011-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0015-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0016-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0114-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0019-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0022-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0027-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0037-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0050-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0049-(by Benedict Young)wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0067-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0060-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0074-(by Benedict Young)
wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0086-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0076-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0093-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0102-(by Benedict Young)

wp-1400-KaohsiungCrossStraightAgreementProtest-20140320-0105-(by Benedict Young)

"Courses can be flunked, but democracy must not die."

"Save Democracy" - "God Bless Taiwan"

  • Camera: Leica M-E
  • Lenses: Voigtlander 35mm f/1.2, Leica Elmarit 90mm f/2.8


About the Author

Benedict Young

Benedict Young is a freelance photographer with a passion for global culture and music. Born and raised in Bristol, UK – a city that is a heady mix of laid back West country England and Afro-Carribean and Indian culture – he grew up with creative and supportive parents and surrounded by culture, art and music.

Aged 4, his family moved to Nigeria, where he gained his first experience of living abroad. From as young as he can remember, art and music consumed his every thought, which later developed into a passion for photography and music cultures around the world.

Benedict visited Taiwan for the first time in 2008 with his wife, where he has found it fascinating discovering the culture of the country, which is virtually unknown in his homeland. Recently, after becoming aware of the rich culture of Taiwan’s indigenous people he has started to focus his energies on making the beauty of Taiwan’s aboriginal culture more known worldwide.

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Writings & Photo by Benedict Young