Pig, Chicken, and the Sea God

The Sea Ceremony of the Amis people of Torik in Eastern Taiwan just finished last weekend. In the Amis language, the ceremony is called Pafafoy. As fafoy means “pig”, I wouldn’t have been happy at all for my presence in the name of the ceremony — Because Pafafoy actually means “to sacrifice a pig” (lol)

Let check the video of the Sea Ceremony this year (and all of the indigenous people were speaking in their native language, Amis):


Guess you would notice the white chicken more instead of the pig’s head — All right, the chicken was for the God, too.

The white feathers of the chicken stand for the white spray of the sea. And so to sacrifice the chicken, the people pray for a tranquil sea and too a safe sailing in the coming new year.

Compared to the Sea Ceremony held by the other Amis communities in Summer, Torik’s Sea Ceremony usually takes place between every Apr and May, much earlier and similar to the Sea Ceremony of the Kavalan people living around the Northern coast. Also, as the tradition of the indigenous people, they summon the delegates of some families from the other six Amis communities, which ancestors used to have connection with Torik, to participate in the ceremony. And the names of the delegates were what the young man called in the beginning of the video.


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Photo via Mata Taiwan