3-Min Taiwanese Indigenous News with Mata Taiwan (5/17)

#1 Two More Indigenous Peoples! Kanakanavu & Hla’arua to be Recognised Officially

Two indigenous peoples from Kaohsiung, Kanakanavu and Hla’arua, which had long been regarded as two subgroups of Cou, have been officially recognised by the government and will be announced by the Executive Yuan soon.

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#2 No Protection of Indigenous Rights in CSSTA Raised Legislators’ Concern

DPP legislators expressed concerns during a general interpellation session that the government did not request for any related policies in CSSTA (Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement) to China in order to protect Taiwanese indigenous people’s rights as New Zealand government did when signing ANZTEC Agreement with Taiwan.

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#3 Former CIP Minister Nominated as Vice President of the Control Yuan

Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou has nominated former CIP (Council of Indigenous Peoples) minister Sun Ta-chuan, a Pinuyumayan, as vice president of the Control Yuan.

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#4 “No Pig-Catching during Ceremony” Remonstrated by Indigenous People

Indigenous legislator Yosi Takun, a Seediq, claimed that DPP legislator Lin Shu-fen would like to cut the budget if Bunun people keep holding pig-catching competition during the annual Ear-Shooting Ceremony. This has been remonstrated among Bununs, even though  the DPP legislator has denied the claim.

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#5 Amis Holding Sea Ceremony for Another Year of Prosperity

Amis community Cawi held Sacepo’ or Sea Ceremony at start of May for another year of prosperity.

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#6 SaiSiyat Held Seeding Ceremony in Taipei for Cultural Preservation

SaiSiyat people held the Seeding Ceremony in Taipei for the first time for younger generations to be able to participate in the ceremony more conveniently.

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#7 Bunun Hunters Caught Hunting in Pinuyumayan Territory

Three Bunun hunters were caught hunting in the customary territory of Pinuyumayan, another indigenous people in Eastern Taiwan.

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“No Pig-Catching during Ceremony” Remonstrated by Indigenous People

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