3-Min Taiwanese Indigenous News with Mata Taiwan (5/24)

#1 Orchid Island’s Indigenous Protest Against Regional Development Plan

In fear that the government’s Regional Development Plan imposed on Orchid Island may open a door for companies to exploit the indigenous customary territory, Tao people have protested against the plan and have had conflicts with the local government officials.

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#2 Alternative Travel Initiated to Watch Tribal Environmental Issues

Local people in Dawu, an indigenous customary territory, have launched an alternative travel, leading many common people to “travel” to the local quarry to survey how the noise and other pollution damage the local indigenous people.

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#3 No Animal Cruelty? Bunun Change Rules of Pig-Catching Competition in Ceremony

Following previous criticism by some legislator that the way Bunun people catch pigs during Ear-Shooting Ceremony is cruel to the animals, the indigenous people have changed the rule of the competition as a compromise.

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#4 On Ancestors’ Aljungic Path, Skaru Descendants Returned to Ancestral Land

Couples of Pinuyumayan people, said to be the descendants of Skaru people, stepped on the longest ancient path in Taiwan, Aljungic Path, to return to their ancestral community in Hsuhai, Pingtung, the southernmost county of Taiwan.


#5 6 Indigenous Districts Will Elect Indigenous District Directors

The amended bill to Taiwan’s Public Officials Election and Recall Act has passed the third reading and 6 indigenous districts will be able to elect their indigenous District Directors soon.


#6 Indigenous Are All Alcoholic? Officer Criticised for Discriminative Speech

A military officer discriminatively warned his soldiers about the danger of holiday drinking. This was said to be an implication that only indigenous people could be alcoholic and has been criticised by indigenous advocates as discrimination.

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On Ancestors’ Aljungic Path, Skaru Descendants Returned to Ancestral Land (Photo by Vanaruvan Mavaliw)

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Photo via Varanuvan Mavaliw