3-Min Taiwanese Indigenous News with Mata Taiwan (5/5)

#1 Night Ceremony Done, Siraya People: Never Give Up Striving for Official Recognition!

The Siraya people from Beitouyang, Tainan, just finished their annual Night Ceremony for their highest ancestral spirit, Alid, last Sun (Apr 27). However, the indigenous people have been regarded as sinicised already by Taiwan’s government and are not recognized as one of the Taiwanese indigenous peoples officially. The people said they will keep fighting for official recognition.

The ceremonial dance “Kan-kei” by a group of Siraya people from Tainan performed in a Night Ceremony of Makatao.

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#2 Fishing for the Sea and the River Spirits — The Fakong Amis People Completed Sea Ceremony

The Amis people from Fakong, Hualian, just finished the annual Sea Ceremony on May 1, when the indigenous men caught fish by blocking in river’s path and devoted the fish to the Sea and the River spirits for being blessed while going fishing in the coming new year.

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#3 Indigenous People on Strike: Why We Can’t Use Our Land?

Some 200 indigenous people from Pingtung, Taiwan went on a strike on May 2 for not being able to utilize their own land even though they acquire the land ownership certificate, as 70% of the land they own belongs to Forest Bureau. The indigenous people argue the government relax the restriction or raise the land compensation.

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#4 New Indigenous Party Founded for More Participation of the Indigenous People in Politics 

A new party “Constitutional Revolution Activists’ Party of Taiwan” (中華民國台灣300年憲政革命行動黨) was founded by a group of Taiwanese indigenous people for more participation in politics. The leader claimed to run for the mayor election of Kaohsiung, the 2nd largest city in Taiwan.

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#5 Students Protested on the Ear-Shooting Ceremony of Bunun

Some local students protested for No-Nuke on the annual Ear-Shooting Ceremony of Bunun people in Hualian by holding anti-nuke banner, which drew some attention and discussion of the Bunun people.

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#6 Indigenous Designers Crossovers Hong Kong-based Fashion Brand

WasangShow, a fashion brand inspired and founded by a Taiwanese indigenous boy and his Taiwanese partner will crossover Daphne’s, a Hong Kong-based fashion brand for the summer launch.

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