Be The White Sun is Our Beloved Mother

This is an indigenous Amis man with his beautiful white headdress from Northern Amis in Hualian, Taiwan.

It was the tradition of Northern Amis men to wear a white headdress, ‘tataku’, made of feathers of Swinhoe’s pheasant (Lophura swinhoii) or ‘tounkaang’ before the 1980s in puberty rituals. In the past decades, the indigenous people have started to use the features of the other pheasants as the number of Swinhoe’s pheasant has sharply decreased.

In the culture of Amis, unlike the modern society that practices patriarchy, the Sun has a female image and is regarded as the Mother of all the human-beings, which emits white sunlight every morning. And the feathers of the pheasant on the men’s headdress are just like the beams of the sunlight, showing how much the Amis men respect their Mother Sun.

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Photo via 葉柏強