2-Day with Indigenous Tayal & SaiSiyat – Let the Story of the Goddess of Thunder Told!

Herb gathering, hiking, and mythology of indigenous peoples……

Travel with indigenous people,
Learn the True Stories of Taiwan!

After sunset, we’ll stroll around foggy community Panox,
listening to the old history of indigenous Tayal people;

Climbing down to an spectacular Valley of Death,
a beautiful real setting in the movie Seediq Bale;

Hiking into the Trail of Miners in Hororok,
realising SaiSiyat people are so good at fern gathering;

Finally returning to the  mysterious site of the Negritos Ceremony,
Wondering how the Goddess of Thunder used to come and return!


Let the Story of
the Goddess of Thunder Told!


* English tour guide available!

* All the local services, incl. guides, meals, accommodation, and inter-tribal transportation, are provided by the local indigenous to support the sustainability of the communities.

Our tour includes:

Day 1 –

  • Indigenous SaiSiyat, Tayal, and Hakka cuisine
  • Hiking into the Valle of Death (a setting of the movie Seediq Bale)
  • Experiencing the bamboo culture of Tayal
  • BBQ by the camp fire
  • Night tour around the Tayal community Panox (鹿場)

Day 2 –

  • Excursion along the Trail of Miners in Hororok (鵝公髻)
  • Learning the story of a century of Walo’ Cultural Centre
  • Guided tour around the Lake of Rareme:an (向天湖)
The Saisiyat community Hororok
Nanzhuang, a best place in the world to taste the fusion of Chinese Hakka and indigenous Saisiyat, Tayal at the same time!
Get to know more about makino bamboo, probably the most important plant for Tayal.
In the mysterious Lake of Rareme:an, we seem to be able to hear the moan of the Lady of Thunder……

* Please check our album1/album2 for more pictures!


Our tribal guides

‘oemaw a taro baba:i

Have you ever seen a guide who can spend a whole day just walking 500 metres on a trail with you? ‘Oemaw a Taro Baba:i is one, because if you ask, he can show you everything about the flora and fauna in a forest for you!

Mr. Baba:i is an indigenous Saisiyat elder from the community Walo’ in Miaoli where our tour is going. Having working on the preservation and education of Saisiyat cultural knowledge and had 10-year experience as a professional guide in ecotourism and tribal tour, now we are so glad to have him be our guide in the coming tours in his homeland…… (photo credit: Walo Cultural Centre)

Iban Taymu

Many people know Iban as a hunter, many know him as a mushroom cultivator, or an experienced tribal tour guide in Panox, but I’m more interested in his experience in protecting his homeland from being invaded by outsiders…… Perhaps we can have him share some of the stories after some beer by the campfire 😛

Tour Details

– Trip Date:

  • May Excursion – May 9 (Sat) – May 10 (Sun) (finished)
  • Jun Excursion – Jun 27 (Sat) – Jun 28 (Sun) (finished)
  • Jul Excursion – Jul 25 (Sat) – Jul 26 (Sun) (now on sales!)

– Destination:

The Saisiyat communities Walo’, Rareme:an, and Hororok, and the Tayal community Panox.

– Pickup Time & Point:

  • 10:10am on Jul 25 at the entrance of Zhunan Train Station (竹南)

(Suggested transportation to the pickup point:

For Southbound

1) Take the Tze-Chiang Limited Express (自強號) No. 171 from Taipei at 7:58am to Zhunan at 9:24am
2) Take the Local Train (區間車) No. 1131 from Taipei at 8:02am to Zhunan at 10:02am

For Northbound

1) Take the Tze-Chiang Limited Express (自強號) No. 108 from Kaohsiung at 6:15am to Zhunan at 9:43am )

– Tour Price:

  • Standard / NT$ 4,300
  • Early Bird / NT$ 4,100 (booked before Jul 17)
  • 3 ppl+ Group Offer / NT$ 4,000 per person
  • The price includes 4 meals, local shuttle bus, 1-night accommodation (dorm), all the local guides, and two-day insurance.
  • The price does not include the transportation from your place to the pickup point.

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Pre-Travel Notice

1. One should pay respect and obey to the local rules whenever you are in an indigenous community.

2. The tour takes 1 to 2-hour short hikes in forests. Make sure you  are in good shape to take the challenges.

3. Please bring your personal belongings, including a personal identification, social security card, personal medicine, rain gear, water bottle, backpack, mosquito repellent, and sun block.

4. We reserve the right to cancel any trip before it is guaranteed to run. We reserve the right to cancel any trip, including a guaranteed trip, prior to departure due to reasons outside its control (i.e. natural disasters or political instability). In such a case, we will refund the trip price.

5. Cancellation policy: In case of trip cancellation, please refer to the policies below:

  • 7 days or more prior to trip date – loss of 5% of total price
  • 3-6 days prior to trip date – loss of 50% of total price
  • 1-2 days prior to trip date – loss of 75% of total price
  • Less than 1 day – no refund
  • No refund will be made if you voluntarily leave a trip for any reason after the trip has begun.

You may be allowed to assign your registration to others. Please feel free to contact us for more details: