About Mata Taiwan

The word ‘mata’ is derived from Proto-Austronesian *maCa, which means “eye(s)”.

In most of the world’s Austronesian languages, from Amis, Tao, and Cou in Taiwan, to Tagalog, Maori, Hawaiian, to Rapa Nui of Easter Island, ‘mata’, ‘maca’, and many other derivatives all mean “eye(s)”.

Therefore, we want our Mata to be the eyes of the world:

  • For the world to SEE the beauty of Taiwanese indigenous cultures!
  • For all the Austronesian peoples to SEE the same inheritances of their brothers and sisters in Taiwan!
  • For the Taiwanese indigenous peoples to SEE the connection to the rest of the world!

Taiwan may be small; however, if our Mata can see far, we are not lonely at all!


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